Blindfolded Children Pick Their Mothers From Lineup Using Just Intuition In Heart-Warming Video

Pandora, a jewelry company popular among mothers, broke out all the feels in their latest commercial ad. The company showed the “unique connection” between a mother and child in their latest advertisement that features young children picking out their mothers from a lineup while blindfolded. Though an ad for the customized jewelry line, the video will likely bring you to tears as you see first-hand the precious love shared between mother and child.

The adorable and heart-warming advertisement was uploaded to the official Pandora Youtube channel on April 13 and has already been viewed over half a million times. The ad was designed to show the unique connection between a mother and child that goes beyond sight. Six children between the ages of three and nine were blindfolded and told to pick out their mother from a lineup with just their intuition and remaining sense.

The mothers reactions are priceless as their little ones pick them out as their own in the sea of other mothers. From tears, giggles and hugs, the video touches on a variety of emotions, showcasing the uniqueness inside of each woman and mother. The video ends with the statement, “All women are unique.”

Though the video was created as an advertisement, those watching the ad say it is so much more. One woman points out that the video promotes the celebration of a woman and her family.

“Pandora jewelry is cool and all, but this commercial is so much more. SO much more. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your family. You’re all uniquely beautiful and connection is SO real. There’s no better moment than now to record that feeling.”

What do you think of the touching video showing the bond between a mother and child?