Miley Cyrus Says She Wants To Have Sex With Joan Jett, Smoked Pot With Her During ‘Oprah’ Show

Miley Cyrus’ recent appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wasn’t supposed to be all about her — she was there to induct Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. However, Miley couldn’t resist stealing the spotlight from the rockers by delivering a raunchy speech about her own sexual fantasies.

Rolling Stone published the full induction speech that Miley Cyrus delivered Saturday night at Cleveland’s Public Hall. Before inviting former-Runaway Joan Jett onstage, Miley informed the crowd that she really loves the “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” singer.

“Thank you guys so much. I’m going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett. We were doing Oprah together, and I went up to Joan’s hotel room… Joan is running around spraying orange-smelling cleaner to mask the smell of the pot (that’s what you guys call it), and we go into her bathroom.”

However, Miley Cyrus didn’t just fall in love with Joan because the rocker shares her love of Mary Jane — she was thrilled that her idol actually took the time to have a deep and meaningful conversation with her.

“We were in her bathroom, and we were smoking and just talking, and this was one of the moments in my life where I wanted to be as present and absorb everything that she said to me. I listened to her talk about her days with the Runaways. She talked about music. She talked about why she loves animals, and she doesn’t want to eat them. I was getting to have this moment with someone that, to me, is Superwoman. What Superwoman really should be.”

Miley didn’t just pay homage to Joan by gushing about her greatness — she also embraced her own “Bad Reputation” by baring her flesh to show her love for the Blackheart babe. According to Gossip Cop, Miley shared a NSFW Instagram photo that pictured the former Hannah Montana star rocking a bondage-inspired black leather romper with straps that left her breasts bare. To get around Instagram’s no-female-nipple policy, the Free the Nipple supporter rocked heart-shaped pasties adorned with two J’s. Miley flipped off the camera, showed off her armpit hair, and told her Instagram followers that she’s “Joan’s cheerleader.”

During her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech, Miley Cyrus thanked 56-year-old Joan Jett for playing a part in her own evolution as an artist who lets it all hang out. Miley seemed to suggest that Joan inspired her to leave Hannah Montana far behind by doing whatever she wanted with her music and her body.

“Instead of changing for all those people, if you don’t like how the world is, change it yourself. She made the world evolve, her life and her success is proof that we can self-evolve. I want to thank you for fighting for our freedom, Joan, and I love you so much.”

You can check out Joan Jett and Miley Cyrus’ 2011 Oprah performance below.

[Image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty]