Chancey Luna: Teen Who Killed Australian College Student ‘For Fun’ Sentenced To Life Without Parole [Update]

In August, 2013, Chancey Luna and two of his teen friends committed a drive-by shooting on a jogger, as Luna says, “because they were bored.” His informal sentencing was on April 18, 2015.

The jogger whom Luna shot was named Chris Lane. He was a student at Oklahoma’s East Central University. Chancey’s victim was also a university baseball athlete. During August of 2013, Luna — as testified, “out of boredom” — committed his crime.

According to CNN, when Chancey and his friends were arrested, the Duncan police chief said that Luna spoke for them, as follows.

“We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody.”

At the time of the crime, the boys were teenagers. However, Chancey and one of the friends are being sentenced as adults, rather than juveniles. However, the third friend, James Edwards, Jr., is being charged as one. He’s currently 17-years of age, while Luna is 18 and Michael Jones — the second accomplice and driver — is 19.

Chancey’s victim was 23-years-old at the time of the murder. After Luna received his verdict, CNN reports that he was remorseful about his crime and was quoted saying that he was sorry.

During a post-trial interview with Chancey’s victim‘s father, Peter Lane, he explains how he and his wife, Donna Lane, plan to move forward amid the loss of their son, as reports CNN.

“I mean, it means it’s not in front of us. It’s something else that’s behind us. It doesn’t change the fact that we don’t take Chris home. It doesn’t change the fact of what happened. Yes, it is a result. But it’s not a good result or a bad result. It’s just a result.”

Contrary to his words, Chris’ mother said that it was critically tough to deal with her loss. Similarly, Chancey Luna‘s mother felt the same way about her son being sentenced to life without parole. She spoke as follows, while lamenting: “It wasn’t meant to be. My son is not a killer.” Also, she stated that he didn’t deserve to have his second-chance taken away from him.

However, the Lane family didn’t hold Chris’ murder against the community of Duncan. Instead, they spoke encouraging words about them. As reported from the same medium, Chancey’s victim’s sister, Erin Lane, had a few words to offer as well.

“We’ve learned a lot about what Duncan really looks like — coming here and getting to speak to the real people of Duncan. And we really want to thank them and acknowledge their help, because it has helped us this week… a really difficult week.”

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Donna Lane (Left), Erin Lane (Middle) and Peter Lane (Right)[/caption]

According to CNN, Chancey Luna is set to return in June for his official, formal sentencing.

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