‘The Walking Dead’ Star Tovah Feldshuh Deals The Dirt On Season 6, Fans, And Comic-Con

The Walking Dead‘s latest newcomer, Tovah Feldshuh, was fortunate enough to survive her first season of The Walking Dead relatively unscathed. In fact, Feldshuh’s character will be back for more when season 6 commences. Tovah reveals that Deanna will play a significant role in the development of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season, implying that Rick Grimes and his band will remain at Monroe’s Alexandria community for at least some time in season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Ms. Feldshuh admits that The Walking Dead‘s season 5 finale felt more like the beginning of a new season, presenting viewers with a game-changing ethical dilemma, than like an end-of-season cliffhanger. Deanna’s decision to let Rick kill Pete in The Walking Dead‘s finale was something that went against the grain with her Alexandria community, shifting its focus from a system that protects the innocent to a justice-oriented system that primarily punishes the guilty.

While Tovah admits she was happy to see that her character on The Walking Dead had survived, she does see the implication for the current story arc and how it may affect not only her own character, but all of The Walking Dead‘s protagonists.

“I was, of course, happy that I didn’t die. Nobody ever wants to leave The Walking Dead. You want to last as long as you can stay on it, because the darn thing is just so very good, so beloved by its viewers, because it goes very deep into the river of what it means to be alive in this world. It raises questions about whether a bourgeois life kills the soul, a bourgeois protected and comfortable life versus a more stressful existence, which can be both horrendous but also very, very enlightening.”

Ms. Feldshuh said in the interview that her stint on The Walking Dead, even as new as it is in comparison to some of the other actors on The Walking Dead, has already begun to spill into her personal life, but in a mostly positive way.

“It’s changing my life. And what’s so wonderful is that it’s happening at a time in my life where I am so grateful. I’m a biker, and I bike all over [New York City]. When I’m on my bicycle with my helmet on, in my camouflage, and people yell from across Central Park West, ‘The Walking Dead! We love you! We love you!’ it’s wild!”

Tovah Feldshuh would like to give something back for all that The Walking Dead has done for her and she feels that one of the best ways to do that would be by attending some future Comic-Con events with the rest of The Walking Dead crew.

“I would love to! You know, I love people. My career began on Broadway. I love being with people. And because the set is so loving on The Walking Dead, I find it very accessible to do truthful, relaxed, present work. And I want to serve the series. I want to be an asset to them, of course. Do I want to go to Comic-Con? Oh, I’d love to do it. I’ve never gone. It’s just another world, and I hope Scott Gimple and production will take me. I hope they invite me, because if they invite me, I’ll say yes.”

The Walking Dead and Tovah Feldshuh will return to AMC in the fall with the season 6 premiere.

[Featured image: Tovah Feldshuh courtesy of Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]