October 25, 2016
Veterinarian Kristen Lindsey 'Didn't Want To Talk' About Cat-Killing Accusations, Sheriff Says

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes had a deputy and a lieutenant officer investigate Kristen Lindsey, a Texas veterinarian, over a report of a Facebook post she allegedly made which depicted the woman holding up a cat that appeared to have been killed with a bow and arrow. Posts to the sheriff's Facebook page from all around the world indicate a watchful public waiting for charges of animal cruelty to be brought up against the young, female veterinarian. The sheriff says that unless the original Facebook post is authenticated, he could not charge Kristen Lindsey at this time. The public is already demanding that the sheriff subpoena the files in association with Lindsey's alleged posts from Facebook.

Inquisitr was the first to break the story, which was updated throughout the day Friday as more details became available. News from an interview with Sheriff Brandes indicates that those following the case will have to wait longer than anticipated to find out if Kristen Lindsey will be charged with animal cruelty.

"She didn't want to talk to us at this time," Sheriff Brandes reportedly told ABC News, after assigning two deputies and an investigator to Kristen Lindsey's case. "She said she was going to come in with her attorney. Hopefully early next week, we get something cracking. Hopefully this girl comes in. She may. She may not."

The sheriff, reportedly interviewed while inspecting his cattle in a pasture, explained, "I just want everybody to know several things. We can't arrest and charge someone like that based on a picture on the internet. We have to make sure that is true and correct... Anybody can take a computer and alter a photograph."

Still, Washington Animal Clinic, where Kristen worked as a veterinarian, confirmed Friday that she had been fired not long after the clinic opened that morning after seeing the alleged photo, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

The sheriff stated that while the Facebook post alleged to have been made by Kristen described a feral cat, he was aware of the allegations that the dead cat was actually a neighbor's missing cat. He stated, "We haven't determined that 100 percent at this time."

According to Hill County Paw Pals, in Texas, it is still illegal to kill a cat even if it's a feral cat. Killing a cat, even a feral cat, just for being a nuisance is a state jail felony, according to the State of Texas, unless it is on your property, directly threatening the life of the property owner's livestock or a person. Though the cat in the photo is said to have the exact same markings as Tiger, a neighbor's cat which had gone missing only days ago, and is presumed by many reports to be a pet, the feral cat advocacy organization Alley Cat Allies has offered a reward in association with this investigation. Inquisitr reported earlier on the full story pertaining to the reward and the organization offering the reward.

Though Sheriff Brandes reportedly told the reporter, "Hopefully this girl comes in. She may. She may not," the Austin County Sheriff's Facebook page was updated late Saturday night stating that Kristen Lindsey will be interviewed at the sheriff's office early this week when her attorney can be present.

[Photo via Austin County Sheriff]