R2-D2 Sends A Young Fan In A Wheelchair Into A Fit Of Giggles At Star Wars Convention [Video]

A young Star Wars fan was overjoyed when R2-D2 approached him and began to play. The young boy in a wheelchair could be seen giggling as the fan-made robot danced around the hallway with the child.

The video, which was uploaded by YouTube user Shanon Hoyt, shows an remote-controlled R2-D2 robot roaming the halls at the Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, California. The robot picks out a young boy in a wheelchair and rolls his way next to the child before doing a series of spins. The boy begins to play along and the pair can be seen pirouetting on their wheels in unison.

The boy then moves away from the robot while in a fit of giggles to see if he will follow. To the boy’s delight the robot follows and the pair move about the room. In the video description it is noted that the R2-D2 robot was created by the R2-D2 builder’s club and that the club was happy to brighten the boy’s day.

Those operating the robotic unit likely got a good dose of happiness from watching the pair play together as the boy’s laughter is certainly contagious.

Fan-made costumes and elaborate robots aren’t the only thing that celebration-goers have to look forward to. In fact, the Force Awakens trailer was scheduled to be released during the much-anticipated event which drew large crowds of Star Wars fans. If you couldn’t make it to the big event, the big reveal of the trailer will also be streamed live online.

[Image courtesy of YouTube]