Where Are Iona And Emily Costello? Mother And Daughter Vanished During New York Trip

Authorities in New York are looking for Iona and Emily Costello, a mother and daughter duo who have been missing since the end of March. New York Daily News reports that the missing mother and daughter vanished while in New York City, where they had traveled from Long Island for a short holiday. They reportedly told loved ones that they were going to “catch some shows,” but it is not known if they ever actually attended any.

The Daily Mail reports that Iona had told the workers on her equestrian ranch that she and her 14-year-old daughter would be back at their Greenpoint home “on Tuesday,” — but this was around Easter. They never returned home, and Iona’s car was found parked in the parking garage on 24nd St. in Manhattan where she had parked upon arriving in the city with her daughter. Surveillance footage of the parking garage shows them exiting the vehicle on March 30 (the day after Easter). They can be seen in the footage laughing and talking while carrying luggage. That footage is the last confirmed sighting of Iona and Emily Costello.

It’s reported that Iona Costello is a well known wealthy equestrian in Long Island. She is also a widow — meaning it is only her and 14-year-old Emily in her immediate household. That means there are no random family members that the two would be visiting without notifying anyone — at least, none that are on speaking terms. Iona’s mother has not heard from her, or her granddaughter, either. The East Hampton Star reports that the Costellos were not reported missing until Tuesday when Emily’s absence from school caused alarm. She had not returned from spring break.

Iona Costello’s mother, Diana, says that it is not in their character to go missing like this. The 80-year-old woman spoke to reporters about her daughter and granddaughter’s disappearance — in particular regarding the massive property inhabited by the mother and daughter in Long Island, which is home to horses, cattle and several lush acres of New York land.

“It’s most unusual because she loves the animals. Naturally, I’m concerned.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Southold Town Police Department at (631) 765-2600. Currently there is no indication of foul play, but New York Daily News reports that the Costello family is strained due to disagreements over Iona’s late husband’s will. Reporters have also been turned away rather aggressively according to media reports. So whatever is happening in this case is indeed a mystery.

[Photo: Costello family photo via Facebook]