New Drake Video On Instagram Shows That ‘Ball Is Life’ — His Basketball Shoes Have Miles

As hard work went into Drake’s new album, his new Instagram video shows that it also went into his basketball skills. Can’t take it away from him. As his lyrics once said, “B****, you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!”

Obviously, like the song, Drake stays scheming. However, it seems that his plans work in his favor. After so much time on the court, Drake’s work ethic speaks for itself. In the video, Drake’s basketball net worth was constant. He pulled off seven fully-guarded shots with little effort. In Drake’s songs and interviews, he’s spoken about balling on the court — what was thought of, possibly, as just metaphors.

“Steph Curry with the shot!” is one of the many “metaphors” he’s used in his songs. However, as can be witnessed from Drake’s Instagram video, “ball is life,” and the shot is real. You could even hear his friends calling him by his name, Aubrey.

During the video, you can also hear the cameraman say, “Like a pure vet! Wooo!” — after which, Aubrey titled the video the same. While playing, Drake’s Toronto home appeared clear as he wore a vintage Vince Carter jersey, from the Toronto Raptors, as well as some gray basketball shoes. From the skill set, those shoes might have a few miles on them.

Interestingly enough, “about a week ago,” Drake posted another video where he played with a few friends. He also tagged Wardell Curry in the video. Whether he was in the game is undetermined. However, Drake’s jumper — from deep — won the game for them.

As evidence to Drake’s song, “0 to 100,” his lyrics state as follows.

“If I ain’t the greatest, then I’m headed for it. That mean I’m way up. The 6 ain’t friendly, but it’s where I lay up. This s*** a motherf***in’ lay up. I been Steph Curry with the shot. Been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot, boy.”

Drake’s basketball metaphors appear to be deeply integrated into his lyrics and songs. Who knows, maybe one day, Drake could even consider buying an NBA team. That’s just speculation though.

Also, speaking of songs, did you know that Drake’s new song was released recently? It’s called “My Side.” It started picking up listeners. However, soon thereafter, Drake’s Coachella kiss with Madonna happened, and all attention was diverted to that topic. His new album’s re-release is set to have the track included as a bonus.

So, after seeing Drake’s basketball skills, what are your thoughts? Think you could take him on the court? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Drake | Instagram]