German Shephard Uses Toilet Like A Person, Footage Goes Viral [Video]

Meaghan Ellis

One impressive German Shepard is making headlines for his impressive bathroom skills. In less than two whole days, he's captured the attention of more than 6 million viewers. So, why is he so popular? Apparently, he knows how to use the toilet -- like a person!

On Thursday, April 16, footage of the dog was uploaded to Facebook by K9 Instinct. The 26-second clip begins with the dog jumping onto the top of the toilet, placing his paws on the tank cover. He uses the toilet just as any male would. Then, he even does something most women would appreciate. He puts the toilet seat and top down. Then, he flushes.

According to the Facebook post, the dog, who is now an internet sensation, is known as Baron Vom Herrn. He's actually more like a person than you'd expect because he even has his own Instagram page. Baron, who is only nine-months-old, currently has 4,000 followers and counting.


Based on the page description, his owner wants to share his training experience with the world. Hundreds of photos have been uploaded documenting Baron's growth, development, and ongoing training. It's quite obvious that he's definitely making progress.

"My name is Baron. I was born on July 17th 2014 - My mom is an awesome dog trainer. Follow me and watch me grow!" the Instagram page description says.

Although he's garnered lots of attention for his bathroom skills, he can actually do much more. A number of other videos have also been shared via YouTube. In addition to using the toilet, Baron also helps with dishes from time to time. A YouTube video uploaded back in March shows the well-trained canine loading dishes into the dishwasher. Needless to say, the clips have left many viewers speechless. Thousands of users have applauded Baron for his domestic skills. Of course, many viewers are now wondering what life would be like if their dogs were as talented as Baron.

Would you like to have a dog like Baron? What do you think of the German Shephard's bathroom skills? Share your thoughts.

[Image(s) via Instagram]