Lana Del Rey, Francesco Carrozzini ‘Boyfriend’ Rumors? Is This Official?

Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer tour starts on May 7, and mid-April finds her getting all of her ducks in a row. In addition to more sightings of Lana Del Rey, she is being linked to a man she never said was her “boyfriend.”

Some of the big pre-tour news is that Lana Del Rey is working on her style. The fashion icon stepped up her game recently by getting highlights put in her hair but then took the photo of her new look down from Instagram. Thankfully, we have a copy of this photo in a previous Inquisitr article.

This teaser of Lana Del Rey in a barber’s chair was followed up by a night on the town with her alleged beau. There, we can see that Lana Del Rey has gorgeous brown hair with highlights that make her hair appear to be a dark auburn.

But hey, wait a minute! — Isn’t Lana Del Rey supposed to be single?

Back in June, Lana Del Rey was making headlines because she broke off a three-year relationship with Barrie O’Neill and was allegedly single. By the end of the month, Glamour U.K. and other sources had photo evidence from the paparazzi that showed Lana Del Rey and Francesco Carrozzini obviously growing very close — physically.

Where did this Francesco Carrozzini character come from? True fans will remember that he is the one that directed her Ultraviolence video that was released on July 30, 2014.

During the time that Lana Del Rey and Francesco were filming the video in Portofino, Italy, people around them were snapping adorable photos and posting them online. The Daily Mail published photos on July 1 that clearly show that Lana Del Rey and Francesco were more than friends at that time — and Lana Del Rey definitely looked adorable and happy.

That is why no one wanted to see headlines in January that Lana Del Rey and her alleged new man were in a screaming match in the Los Angeles airport. What happened to those halcyon days in June and July?

Alas, it was not publicized whether the two were still (or ever were) “together” following the January airport incident between Lana Del Rey and Carrozzini. The months following that have relatively few announcements about Lana Del Rey’s personal life — from her or from paparazzi.

However, a few weeks before Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer tour begins, we start seeing more of her — and she is with Carrozzini.

The Daily Mail published photos of Lana Del Rey in mid-April having dinner in Los Angeles with Francesco Carrozzini. But does this mean he is Lana Del Rey’s “boyfriend”?

Dinner at Giorgio Baldi is nice, but how does this prove Lana Del Rey and Francesco are currently in a relationship at all — much less headed for marital bliss? That could have been a breakup dinner for all we know. That could have been the sit-down conversation where Lana Del Rey kicks Francesco to the curb and takes out her pre-tour to-do list to cross the last item off her list.

In other words, until Lana Del Rey officially announces him as her boyfriend, we can only assume Carrozzini is just a friend that she has kissed in the past.

Need to see more Lana Del Rey before the Endless Summer tour? Billboard Magazine published more photos of her from an interview they did with Lana Del Rey in February. Altogether, the unofficial Lana Del Rey fan website states Billboard added 12 previously unpublished photos to two different links.

[Feature image via Getty Images]