April 18, 2015
Returning Soldier Photobombs Son, Surprises Him At School Photoshoot [Video]

Joshua Bass, an eight-year-old schoolboy from Durham, North Carolina received a pleasant surprise earlier this week. A student at the Pearsontown Magnet Elementary School in Durham, Joshua, a third-grader was about to take a picture on the occasion of the school's annual picture day when his father, a soldier deployed for overseas service, surprised him.

According to a report by MyFox8, Joshua's father, Corporal James Bass, was deployed in Kuwait for a year. At the end of his term, he decided to give a pleasant surprise to Joshua by photobombing him when he had his picture taken on picture day. James, aided by some help from the school authorities, sneaked into the frame when Joshua was having his photo clicked by a cameraman. Joshua was then showed the picture on the camera display. Upon seeing his father in the picture, initially, he thought it was just a trick picture -- but that's when his father called him out. The video, taken by ABC 11, is embedded above and shows the entire episode.

An overjoyed Joshua jumps and hugs his father. The duo is then seen happily talking to each other as the people surrounding watch happily. The video is a must watch!

The event was evidently planned by James in coordination with the school authorities and will certainly remind you of other "soldier returning home" videos that you might have seen earlier. In the past, the Inquistr has also posted several other videos of similar nature.

[Image Via MyFox8]