Tila Tequila Heading to Rehab After Suicide Scare

Tila Tequila is heading to rehab. The reality star reportedly tried to kill herself last week by overdosing on prescription pills. After the suicide scare, Tequila’s friends held an intervention and convinced her to enter a treatment facility.

Tequila’s manager reports that the the star was released from the hospital on Monday and will soon enter rehab. USA Today reports that the already tiny star has dropped from 100 to 78 pounds.

A rep for Tila Tequila said:

“Tila has agreed to go into treatment on her own at Palm Partners in Florida and will be entering this week. That is all the info we want to give at this time. (Tila) continues to recover and is doing better. We ask that her privacy is respected during this difficult time.”

USA Today reports that Tequila was engaged to Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson who died unexpectedly in January 2010. Shortly after that the star seemed to spiral out of control. About five month’s after Johnson’s death, Tila posted a disturbing video to her blog. Her arm was bloody and she claimed that her split personality slit her wrist.

It’s unclear when or where Tila Tequila will seek treatment.

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