Father of the web gets conned on the web

On one hand this story could be funny and on the other it show just how sophisticated some of the scams on the web can be. After all if you are good enough to trap Sir Tim Berners Lee in a web scam it's got to be a pretty good one right?

The revelation of his being suckered in came out just before a speech he was going to give this week as Web Science 09 in Athens

"The worst thing that has happened to me was when I tried to buy a Christmas present from a company that looked like a bona fide company on the internet and then actually they were a completely fake company. I think I am yet to get the money back, but it wasn't a lot," said MIT professor Berners Lee with a helplessness that will strike a chord with the Web's growing number of less famous victims.

Source: Network World

It might be seen as ironic that such a thing could befall someone as knowledgeable of the web but given that the revelation came about in the same week that the web celebrated its 20th anniversary it is almost like an extra insult to the man.