Matheryn Naovaratpong: 2-Year-Old Frozen Toddler Cryogenically Preserved By Parents

Matheryn Naovaratpong, 2, has been cryogenically frozen by her parents in an attempt to revive her once medical advances permit. The frozen toddler was taken off life support due to a terminal tumor.

A Thailand native, Matheryn was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer during April of 2014. Unfortunately, Naovaratpong was taken off life support this past January due to the rapid pace of the cancerous tumor within her.

As small as the toddler is, it’s reported that — after being admitted into a Bangkok hospital — exams revealed that she had an 11-centimeter tumor in the left hemisphere of her brain, says Motherboard.

According to Daily Mail, the source mentions that the toddler wasn’t to survive long due to the lifespan of the disease.

“Doctors diagnosed her with ependymoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer that afflicts the very young. The outlook was bleak from the start – the disease has a five-year survival rate of 30 per cent. To make matters worse, Matheryn – known to her family as Einz – had fallen into a coma. After a months of intensive treatment, including 12 rounds of brain surgery, 20 chemotherapy treatments, and 20 radiation therapy sessions, it became clear there was little more doctors could do.”

After Naovaratpong’s first surgery, the doctor told Matheryn’s parents that she would probably never wake up and that she should be taken off life support. However, Matheryn proved the doctor wrong by waking two weeks thereafter. Naovaratpong’s father told Motherboard they decided then that they were going to continue to fight.

“In two weeks, Einz woke up and regained her 2 years’ consciousness, she responded to stimulation, and surprised everyone. Einz represents the worth of Life. We decided to fight against this cancer. We may not beat it, but her life can lead to a further step of mankind to overcome cancer in the future.

“We noticed a power struggling for life in her beautiful round eyes. Finally, Einz was able to stand up on her feet again and could see with both eyes, as if she had survived from brain cancer. Couldn’t help wishing she could be back to her normal childhood even with only a single right brain.”

However, eventually the cancer overtook Matheryn’s brain and paralyzed her facial muscles. At that point, the parents decided to take Naovaratpong off life support and have her body cryogenically frozen by a firm in Arizona called Alcor Life Extension Foundation.

Martheryn’s father said, “Her body has been cryopreserved in Arizona awaiting coming technology.”

You can learn more about the process and the frozen toddler here.

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[Photo Credits: Facebook]