Eating Protein With Every Meal Is Vital For Healthy Hair

Eating a portion of protein with each meal is vital for healthy, strong hair, as a lack of iron in one’s diet, especially in women, is a known cause of hair loss due to less oxygen being delivered to the hair follicles.

When Dr. Vicky Jolliffe, a consultant dermatologist at the Royal London Hospital and a specialist in hair loss, was asked whether iron through protein really is that important, she explained.

“This is a bit of a moot point. There is published evidence for and against it. All I can say is that in my practice I see lots of girls with low ferritin levels [stored iron rather than iron in your blood], who shed hair and stop shedding once you correct the ferritin level.”

Meanwhile, Sally-Ann Tarver, a former president of the Trichological Society, said that Florisene tablets are a key supplement for anyone who wants healthy hair.

While it’s well-known that protein is healthy in general and is consumed in huge quantities by body builders, the connection between the properties in it and strong hair are not that well publicized.

As Professor Andrew Messenger, a consultant dermatologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield said, many supplements which claim to make hair stronger and healthier in fact do nothing of the sort.

As Messenger said, “As far as I am aware, this study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal and did not appear to look at other parameters, such as hair density. Whether a 7 per cent increase in hair diameter can be reliably measured is doubtful, as is whether it is clinically significant.”

To understand hair better, Philip Kingsley, a trichologist, explained to reporters,”Hair consists of protein, so eating sufficient protein is vital to strong, healthy hair.”

For Dr. Jolliffe, the connection between a protein-heavy diet and good hair is obvious, as she claims women suffering from anorexia or a very low BMI suffer from hair loss.

As Philip Kingsley concluded, “It usually takes more than two months for the hair follicles to begin to benefit from dietary changes and as hair only grows half an inch a month, it may take as long as six months before you begin to notice any changes.”

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