Adorable Video Shows Rescue Dog Who Hates To Eat Alone, Carries His Dish Next To Friend [Video]

A video of an adorable rescue dog that simply can’t stand eating alone was an instant hit on YouTube. The little pup can be seen carrying her bowl in her mouth and placing it next to her friend, so that she can dine with company.

The video, which was uploaded by YouTube user Jeannine S, shows a little dog named Bonnie eating some food in a kitchen. However, Bonnie doesn’t want to eat alone. Therefore, when her friend Clyde receives his dish, the little pup can be seen quickly lifting his bowl from the ground and placing it next to the other dining dog. The video instantly went viral with over 705,000 views at the time of the posting.

Commenters find the dog’s desire to eat next to his best friend adorable and say that this is proof of dogs natural social nature. Some are just happy that a positive video is on the YouTube top trending.

“This made my day so far. I am a big animal lover. Finally, a good video on You Tube Most Popular.”

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What do you think of little Bonnie the rescue dog and her desire to not eat alone? Do you have a dog that does something similar?