Mother Calls Police To Report Missing 9-Year-Old Son, Finds Out He Was Arrested

A frantic Detroit mother called police to report her 9-year-old son missing. However, she learned the startling news that her young son had been arrested for participating in a home invasion.

According to WJBK, mother Stephanie Horton says that her third grader had recently been expelled from school and was thought to be playing with friends while she went to work. However, upon returning home, her son was nowhere to be found. She called the police to report him missing but found that he had been arrested for participating in a home invasion.

The frantic mother called police on Wednesday to report her young son, Kamian Strawder, missing. She says that she left for work at 9 a.m. and her son went to play with friends. However, when she returned home from work, Kamian was still not home. She searched for the boy and when she could not find him, reported him missing. Little did she know, at 1 p.m. earlier that day, the 9-year-old had been arrested.

Despite her son’s arrest and the fact Stephanie had reported him missing, she would not learn until nearly 24 hours later that her son had been arrested and was being held in a detention center. Horton says that on Thursday afternoon, she received a call back from the police telling her that her son was in a local detention center following an arrest and was not missing.

Now, Stephanie wants to know why she was not notified of her son’s arrest earlier, especially considering she had reported him missing 24 hours before the notification despite the boy already being in police custody.

“I said how could I not be notified until 24 hours later. No explanation, no information, no anything.”

The Detroit police say that they did not call Horton because Kamian did not know her phone number by memory. Instead, police say they went to Horton’s home but she was not there at the time. Therefore, they had no way of contacting her. Though Horton says she wishes she would have known of her son’s arrest sooner, she is relived he is okay.

“I’m still in shock relieved upset I’m going through a bunch of emotions.”

Horton says that she works full-time and is trying her best to keep Kamian out of trouble. However, she says a group of older guys live in the neighborhood that talk Kamian into doing things he shouldn’t when she is gone. She says she has reported the men to the police but they are unable to do anything about the problem. Horton says she is doing her best to get a handle on her son now before it is too late.

Horton has since learned that the prosecutor has dropped the charges against the 9-year-old boy in the home invasion case. Do you think the police should have done more to contact Horton to let her know that her son had been arrested?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Frank Micelotta]