Hookers For Hillary: Prostitutes Endorse Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid, You’ll Be Surprised Why Though

Hillary Clinton has found support for her presidential campaign from the most unlikeliest of sources after a brothel in Nevada threw their allegiance behind the Democrat and started a “Hookers 4 Hillary” campaign.

And it turns out that the prostitutes have a rather surprising reason for supporting Clinton. According to the Daily Caller, their main reason for endorsing Clinton is her foreign policy, while they’ve also cited their support for Obamacare as another reason why they’re with Hillary.

You can check out Dennis Hof’s Hookers For Hillary! video, which showcases the girls’ support for Hillary, below.

The video, which was released on Monday and has so far been watched close to 20,000 times, explains they are supporting Clinton. They believe she will be able to negotiate with foreign leaders firmly, and they even compared her difficulties speaking to these individuals to when they have to negotiate through a “language barrier” with men from foreign countries.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, Dennis Hof, who owns the Bunny Ranch brothel where the girls work, explained, “We’re going to roll out and do everything we can to support Hillary. We’re going to have girls at the rallies. We’re going to raise money.”

It turns out that another reason the girls have thrown their weight behind Hillary is because, according to Hof, the girls are huge Bill Clinton fans. And they believe that his presence in the White House will only assist Hillary’s presidency. “Over her cereal in the morning, she’ll be talking to Bill and asking questions, kicking things around,” Hof predicted.

But how will the prostitutes actually contribute to the campaign? Well Hof has stated that their next step is to reach out to the Democrats in northern Nevada to ask how they can be of assistance.

Speaking of individual efforts, Hof then added, “Air Force Army has announced that she’s going to give another half-hour to any donor who donates to Hillary. An extra half-hour of time in the bedroom. That’s her way of supporting. All the girls are coming up with different things they can do.” In fact, another prostitute has vowed to sell her underwear online, and she will then give the money that she raises to the campaign.

This isn’t the first time that Dennis Hof has used his profession to endorse a presidential candidate. In the past he launched the “Pimpin’ For Paul” campaign for Republican Ron Paul. Hillary will probably be hoping that Hof’s association turns out a little better for her though.

[Image via FitsNews]