‘Uptown Funk’ Dropped To No. 2 After 14 Weeks: Wiz Khalifa And Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’ From ‘Furious 7’ Takes Top Spot

According to Newsday, Mark Ronson’s hit featuring Bruno Mars was on its way to setting a record for being the longest-running No. 1 hit of all time. The popular song “Uptown Funk” that most fans love to sing and dance to had been at the top of the charts for 14 consecutive weeks. This meant it was the top song of the decade.

There were a couple of songs trying to catch “Uptown Funk” and keep it from setting a record. Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer Charlie Puth’s song “See You Again” from the movie Furious 7 have been rapidly climbing for the last few weeks. Last week, “See You Again” was in the No. 10 position, but according to the Chicago Tribune, the song is now at the top after dethroning “Uptown Funk” and pushing it to No. 2 on the chart.

‘”Sugar” was in the No. 2 spot last week, but it moved to No. 3 to make room for “Uptown Funk” in the No. 2 position. Many are wondering if Ranson and Mars’ hit will continue on a downward spiral.

Even though “Uptown Funk” is losing some momentum, the song has sold more than five million copies. It’s been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. It was First Lady Michelle Obama’s theme for the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move!” exercise campaign. She danced to “Uptown Funk” during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, as well as during the White House Easter egg roll on Easter Monday.

Khalifa and Puth’s “See You Again” hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart Thursday mainly because it is in Furious 7 as a tribute to Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash in 2013.

Puth, who wrote and sang “See You Again,” said he cried when he got the news that the song was at the top of the chart because it was also a tribute to a dear friend of his who died of similar circumstances as Walker.

“I just walked outside, looked up at the sky and said, ‘Thank you to Paul and my friend. My friend always used to say I would have a No. 1 hit. So right now, I’m just taking it all in.”

“See You Again” is already setting records on Spotify. It has earned the most streams in a single day with 4.2 million listens and in one week with 21.9 million.

“See You Again” has sold 721,193 digital tracks and has become a hit just as the movie it is in. Furious 7 has become a box office hit, and the film has already earned $252 million.

[Image via Billboard]