Animal Shelters Nationwide Are Running Out Of Dogs Due To Surge In Adoption

One positive thing to come out of the coronavirus pandemic is a surge in pet adoptions, leading shelters around the nation to become low on dogs. People seem to be wanting to adopt dogs now more than ever given the current global health crisis. Even if they are not able to adopt, many families have still taken in foster pets, according to Tank's Good News.

In fact, there has been such a rise in fostering and pet adoption that some shelters are even closing applications at this time because there are no longer enough pets to go around. New York, which currently has the most coronavirus cases in the nation, has especially has seen a surge in pet adoption.

Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society are both New York shelters that work to find loving homes for both dogs and cats. They have both reported that they are swiftly running out of pets in need of adoption or foster homes.

Muddy Paws Rescue say they are no longer accepting applications for foster volunteers, but this not a bad thing.

"For the moment we definitely don't have any dogs left to match with foster volunteers. Which is a great problem to have," said Anna Lai, the marketing director at the rescue.

Just because foster parents are not necessary at this time for many shelters, does not mean that these shelters do not require and appreciate assistance in other ways given the current health crisis. They still need both supplies and assistance to keep the shelters running smoothly and the animals well cared for.

Muddy Paws Rescue took to Twitter to list other ways those interested may help.

"We're so thankful for everyone's compassion and to the hundreds of people who have reached out about fostering! While we do not currently require any emergency fosters, we're responding to applications as quickly as possible. Here are some more ways YOU can help our dogs," the rescue began.

One way to assist is to become a monthly donor. This helps provide for the medical care and basic necessities that a dog or cat might need. Another option would be to donate items listed on the rescue's Amazon wish list, which include toys and treats.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a likely cause in the surge of pet adoptions is that people are looking for companionship during this time. Those that have no choice but to social distance could find comfort by welcoming a pet into their homes.