Jessa Duggar Pregnant? ’19 Kids’ Star Buys Maternity Clothes And Other Pregnancy ‘Evidence’

Jessa Duggar isn’t just looking pregnant to fans these days — now she’s allegedly shopping for maternity clothes to fit her changing figure.

The 19 Kids and Counting star has been plagued by pregnancy rumors since the moment she said “I do” to husband Ben Seewald. Jessa Duggar hasn’t confirmed that she’s knocked up, but her fans think that there’s plenty of recent “evidence” to suggest that Jess might have some big news to share in the very near future. However, some of that evidence is a bit shaky.

According to In Touch Weekly, the evidence includes a bit of Juicy Jessa goss shared by a woman named Jayci Goss on Twitter. The 19 Kids and Counting fan claimed that she spotted Jessa shopping for maternity clothes early this month.

This Jessa Duggar sighting certainly isn’t definitive proof that she’s pregnant. The tweet above was posted on April 2, a few days before Jessa’s nephew Israel was born. Israel was a late baby, so Jill Duggar was pretty huge by the time he made his big debut. Perhaps Jessa was just being a good sister by picking up some roomier clothes for Jill to wear during her last few days of pregnancy.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some 19 Kids and Counting fans think that two social media photos provide additional proof that Jessa is pregnant. Fans think Ben Seewald is using a cowboy hat to hide her stomach in one picture, and they think it looks like Jessa has a very small baby bump in the other. However, her belly isn’t very big at all, and it doesn’t really look like Ben was purposely trying to hide her tummy with his hat.

The biggest evidence that Jessa may be pregnant is TLC’s announcement that the Duggar Family will share some special news during the next episode of 19 Kids and Counting. Many fans think that the big announcement will be Jessa’s pregnancy, but there are plenty of other members of the Duggar clan who could have news to share. Many of the kids are old enough to start courting, so maybe Josiah isn’t the only Duggar who has found love.

There is a tiny bit of evidence to support the speculation that Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are going to announce their pregnancy Tuesday night on TLC. In two recent Instagram posts, Jessa Duggar revealed that she and Ben Seewald recently visited the headquarters of TLC/Discovery in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“Stopped by @TLC (& Discovery’s) offices today!” she captioned the photo below.

Jessa also took a photo of Ben posing beside himself.

“Because Ben was surprised to run into an 8-foot tall version of himself.”

It’s possible that the couple’s visit had something to do with making a pregnancy announcement — or maybe they just decided to stop by because Jessa was scheduled to speak at the Southern Women’s Show in Richmond, Virginia, today. Discovery headquarters is just a two-hour drive away from Richmond.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jessa will talk about her experiences as a newlywed during her appearance at the Southern Women’s Show. She’ll also do a meet-and-greet with 19 Kids and Counting fans and take part in an audience Q&A. Surely the audience members won’t be able to resist asking Jessa the big baby question.

Does any of the “evidence” above convince you that Jessa Duggar will announce that she’s pregnant during the next episode of 19 Kids and Counting?

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