'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Will Alexandria Fall And What Will Happen To Deanna?

The Walking Dead's Season 6 premiere is still months away, but that hasn't kept people from talking about what next year will bring. There have already been a number of Walking Dead rumors floating around, including the untimely demise of Glenn. Will Alexandria fall as well? What about its leader, Deanna?

If one can believe Walking Dead actress Tovah Feldshuh, then it appears both her character Deanna and the city of Alexandria are survivors. What appears to be more of a direction for her story in the coming season, just what her decision to allow Rick to kill a man in the season five finale will do to the community. Talking to Yahoo! TV about the season finale, Feldshuh lets it be know she thinks her character might regret the spur of the moment decision in The Walking Dead.

"I just know that Deanna did her best to create a transparent, egalitarian society and that last speech in the last episode… you see a paradigm [shift] from the rule of law to the rule of swift justice. That's what is so crushing and crucial about the last episode."
Feldshuh apparently did a very good job of not letting people know that her character would survive the second half of the season, considering she said she knew she had been invited back for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. She said she was certainly happy about that return because the cast is so fun to work with. The actress also said the set is a joyful place and a complete opposite of what goes on in the Walking Dead storyline.

The actress also said that while Deanna is coming back, the finale teased a major power shift. That power shift is likely the rise of Rick as being the official leader of Alexandria. One reason he will likely become the leader is because his way, of swift justice rather than long debates has proven to be better for the world of the Walking Dead. It's also not really a spoiler to note that the Wolves are going to be a new, real threat to Alexandria in next season's Walking Dead. So far, viewers have only gotten glimpses into this new group but it seems likely there will be an all-out war fairly early on in the new season. Who will survive this new Walking Dead war is anyone's guess and it doesn't appear any of it's lead characters are safe.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]