Stolen Pit Bull Returned With Dog Fighting Injuries, Probably Used As A Bait Dog [Video]

The Byerly family of North Carolina is ecstatic. Their family member, a pit bull named Duke, is back. About two weeks ago, the dog was stolen from their front yard after a strange vehicle stopped and took him. The passenger door of a four-door, white car took Duke and sped off. The family reported him missing and offered a reward.

They have Duke for about four years and he is a beloved family member. He was a formerly abused rescue dog who was originally found in terrible shape before the Byerly family adopted him, according to Fox News Channel 8. Originally, he was found in the following shape.

“Duke was found tied up with his snout duct taped together. His limbs were tied together, his larynx had been cut, his ear had been cut and he was malnourished and just left to die.”

However, whoever took him probably used him as a bait dog for dog fighting and he either escaped or was released according to police and veterinarians. He was one of the lucky ones to get away from any evil people who fight dogs for money. Bait dogs have short, tortured lives, as they are used to train the fighting dogs how to fight and get them to be aggressive towards the poor, helpless bait dogs.

Neighbors reported seeing him wandering on the streets and Duke was taken to the Guilford County Animal Shelter, according to Life With Dogs. Unfortunately, he did have severe head injuries but is recovering at home and is expected to make a full recovery. Duke’s head had multiple scars and bite marks, and one of his ears was bitten through. A video of Duke can be found here.

This is the second dog stolen from the area of Archdale, North Carolina. So its not clear if a dog fighting ring is targeting dogs in the area. High Point police are investigating if the dog was forced into dog fighting. Authorities believe other house pets are being stolen to be used as bait for dog fighting. Another pit bull owner, Kim Bledsoe, filed a police report this week for her white pit bull named Fancy who was also stolen and is still missing.

Pit bulls can be great family companions. They are, unfortunately, given a bad rap because of those who abuse them. In fact, many of them are heroes, as reported in an article in the Inquisitr. On an early Saturday morning in Muskegon, Michigan, a teen was asleep alone inside his family’s home during a house fire. The teen did not awaken, but his pet pit bull did and saved the day — and their lives — as they escaped the blazing home.

What type of punishment do you think dog fighters should receive? Should they receive jail time? Should they no longer be able to own or have contact with animals if found guilty? Please leave your comments below.

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