Dana White: ‘Any UFC Fighter Would Beat Floyd Mayweather, Including The Women’

Earlier this week, UFC featherweight Conor McGregor said that he would “kill Floyd Mayweather in less than thirty seconds,” and according to UFC President Dana White, any UFC fighter would beat Floyd Mayweather, including the women.

Most fighters in their respective sport always say that if they went into the other fighters’ world, they wouldn’t do too well. In the past, Mayweather has been the exception to that, saying that all you need to be a successful cage is a mohawk and tattoos, possibly referring to UFC legend Chuck Liddell.

The UFC president’s job is to promote his brand, so there’s no way he would ever admit that one of his fighters — male or female — would lose to Floyd Mayweather, even if he believed that they would. White spoke with TMZ and not only named Conor McGregor as someone who would destroy Mayweather, he also said UFC women’s strawweight contender Paige VanZant would be able to take Mayweather out.

“Do you not believe that? [McGregor would beat Mayweather] Of course. Any of these guys [Dana points to UFC fighters passing by] would beat Mayweather. All of these guys would beat Mayweather. Not just Conor, she’d [Paige VanZant passing by] beat Mayweather.

“Boxing is just one thing. These guys do everything — every one of these guys would kick Mayweather’s a**. I’ll be there, I’m going [to Mayweather/Pacquiao] and I’m paying for my tickets — everybody’s paying for their tickets.”

There’s never been a high-level professional boxer who has successfully made the transition into mixed martial arts. Former boxing great James “Lights Out” Toney gave MMA a try back in 2010 when he took on UFC legend Randy Couture. Toney was completely dominated by Couture and tapped out in the very first round. Since then, there hasn’t been a high-level boxer who has attempted to make the move to MMA. There were rumors of Adrien Broner making the move to MMA, but Broner has later come out and said that he has no plans to make the transition and added that MMA isn’t a real sport.

Nobody really knows why the UFC is targeting Floyd Mayweather as of late. It could be because Mayweather is about to take part in the biggest fight in the history of combat sports when he takes on Manny Pacquiao next month, and the UFC wants to grab a headline or two by mentioning his name. It’s unlikely that Mayweather will ever respond to any of the UFC fighters who claim they could take him down, and it’s even more unlikely that Mayweather would ever consider testing some of these fighters by making the move to MMA.

[Image via Gary A. Vasquez / USA Today Sports]