Amber Rose Bounces Back From Split With Wiz Khalifa Like a Pro, Gets Flirty With Ray J

Who says that Splitsville is the loneliest destination on Planet Earth? Not Amber Rose, that’s for darn sure. After the demise of her relationship with rapper Wiz Khalifa, the hip hop fashion star recently tried to stoke the flames of romance once again, according to Hollywood Life. But after an unceremonious rebuff from her longtime beau and the father of her child, Amber finally seems to be moving on. And there’s at least one suitor who is already driving hard to the hoop.

In a video posted online by TMZ, recording artist and producer Ray J claims he recently encountered Amber Rose outside of a club and made his intentions clear. After complimenting Amber’s derrière in a rather blunt, but ostensibly flattering fashion, Ray J went on to tell the TMZ videographer that he told Rose, “I’m here” and she responded by saying, “I’m here, too.”

Hollywood Life notes that Amber Rose isn’t making any bones about the fact that she’s back on the market. She reportedly discussed the present state of her love life on a recent chat show with Khandi Burrus, acknowledging that her relationship with husband Khalifa was on the skids. Amber said she’s been on two dates since coming to terms with the apparent denouement of their union. She’s probably not counting that scandalous lip-lock with Amy Schumer from the MTV Movie Awards show, though.

I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer

While Amber Rose is living large and leaving it all behind, Wiz Khalifa seems to be experiencing pangs of regret. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Wiz recently posted a photo of himself with the intriguing caption, “Only thing missing is u.” Many star watchers interpreted Amber Rose to be the “u” in question.

At least this breakup is far more amicable than Amber’s previous parting of ways with Kanye West. In Touch recalls that West infamously aired the couple’s proverbial dirty laundry on a radio show. During the interview, West said that women were reluctant to be with a man who had been so close with Amber Rose, claiming he had to “take 30 showers” before he “got with Kim.”

If Amber Rose deserves props for getting on with her life, it’s only fair to give Ray J high marks for his cockeyed optimism. After telling TMZ of his penchant for Amber, Ray added, “All in due time.” He even coined a hash tag on the spot to summarize where things go from here: #TTT (meaning “things take time.”) Clearly, the ball is in Amber Rose’s court for the moment but if the two stars eventually do get serious it’s a safe bet they’ll be on the fast track to becoming hip hop’s next power couple.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1]