Shocker On ‘Scandal’: Fans Didn’t See That One Coming [Spoilers]

Jake is dead on Scandal and fans are not happy about it. That’s right, Gladiators, one of Olivia Pope’s many love interests said goodbye on Thursday’s all new episode in a shocking way.

Actor Scott Foley joined the cast in Season 2 of the hit ABC political drama and won over the hearts of millions of fans who loved seeing Olivia Pope fall in love with the former B-613 agent who eventually took her away to live on a remote island for a few months. However, Jake was stabbed dead on Scandal’s latest episode leaving fans stunned and confused about his departure.

According to Us Weekly, fans watched as Olivia’s new man, Russell, stabbed Jake to death at the end of the episode. Russell has obviously been hired by Liv’s crazy father, Rowan, to torment his daughter and take out those she loves who are trying to expose B-613, the group of assassins that Rowan was once in charge of.

Viewers freaked out when they realized that Jake Ballard had died and immediately took to their social media accounts, revealing their feelings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Finally, Scott Foley took to his own Twitter account to make a brief statement about his exit from the show.

“So, there it is. Thank you Twitter for tonight and all of the Thursday nights. It’s such an honor.”

TV Line reports that many viewers are hoping that Jake isn’t really dead and will pull through, but the promo for the next episode of Scandal seems to make it very clear that Jake Ballard is dead and that any one of Olivia’s friends could be next, including Huck, Quinn, David, and Fitz.

Speaking of Fitz, he will likely be the least upset to hear about Jake’s death, as Ballard was his biggest competition for Olivia Pope’s affection, and judging by Russell’s murderous ways, Liv will be in danger inside her home yet again and this time Jake won’t be there to save her.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Fitz and Olivia are likely endgame for the show, but with Fitz’s presidency on the line, and Mellie’s lust to get inside the Oval Office herself, it could be awhile before Olivia and Fitz ever find themselves in their dream home in Vermont living the life they have dreamed about together.

What are your thoughts on Jake being dead on Scandal?

[Photo By: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]