Karrueche Tran And The 'N Word' -- She Won't Let You Insult Her Mother

Karrueche Tran is no pushover when it comes to defending her mom. Chris Brown's estranged girlfriend recently took one of her fans to task after he made an insultingly disrespectful comment about a photo she had just shared of her mother. Of course, the world was watching, and now everybody knows that she's not going to take trash talk about her beloved family members.

Design & Trend reports that she normally ignores her internet haters, but she wasn't going to take a comment against her "momma" sitting down. Of course, some people are angry about the words she used to put a hater in his place.

The drama began when Kae posted a photo on Instagram of her and her mother. Most of Tran's followers commented on the photo with respect like most decent people would, but a user named asthma_team piped in with a sexually degrading remark about both Tran and her mother.

"Two hoes in one place."
Karrueche Tran was not about to let him get away with that degrading and insulting remark, and she jumped into action to defend her mother's honor.
"You better relax that sh*t, n*gga. Don't be disrespectful. That's my mother.Thank you much f*ck boy."
Of course Karrueche's fans also jumped into action to console her and give her positive feedback, to not only diffuse the situation but to let her know that she's above internet haters and people who think it's okay to insult other peoples' mothers for no reason.

On the other hand, there are people who are angry about her use of the N word, due to her being half Asian (though she is very obviously half black as well). Someone told the model that just because she sleeps with black men, doesn't mean she should use the N word and her fans quickly went on the defensive. A user named thepublicist had to remind everyone that Karrueche Tran is half black.

"To everyone offended by her using the N word but is not bothered by a man who just disrespected a daughter and her mother by calling them "hoes", seriously? She's half black and if you're so offended make a change start boycotting most hip hop and rap music, educate your kids, protest. Being a internet warrior doesn't make any changes because society throws it around lightly."
Do you think it's okay for Karrueche Tran to use the N word? At any rate, she wasn't going to let someone insult her mother, and most people wouldn't allow it either without having something harsh to say right back to them.

Karrueche herself isn't commenting on this controversy. The International Business Times reports that the model is partying and enjoying her single life, while Chris Brown deals with their separation by spending more time with his daughter, Royalty.

[Photo: Kae Tran's Instagram via Fashion Bomb Daily]