Teen ‘Prom Proposal’ Doesn’t Go As Planned, Ends With Date Bursting Into Tears And Apologizing

One high school senior went to elaborate lengths to ask his girlfriend to prom. However, the “promposal” didn’t go quite as planned when his girlfriend, Alex, called it a “sh****y way to ask someone to prom.”

Fox 13 reports that Daniel Pena wanted to do something special for his girlfriend Alex when asking her to their senior prom. Therefore, Pena installed signs all along the roadway that said, “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.”

In the video, you can see that Alex seems to miss the first sign with her name on it. Instead, she says “it says something Lee.” However, she is able to read all the rest of the signs and exclaims, “that is a sh***y way to ask someone to prom.” Pena, who looks as though he doesn’t really know what to say, simply responds, “well, okay.”

After a few moments, Alex realizes her mistake and says, “Daniel, was that you?” When Daniel tells her the elaborate promposal was his doing, Alex immediately apologizes and breaks down into tears. She continues to cry and apologize until Daniel turns off the video recording.

A little while later, after Alex has composed herself, the camera comes back on and she lets everyone know that she said “yes” and will be attending prom with Daniel despite calling his prom proposal the worst.

Daniel isn’t the only prom-goer to go to great lengths to invite a date to the big event. One teen was suspended for his elaborate promposal that involved a horse on campus.

What do you think of Daniel’s promposal? Was it really a “sh***y way” to ask someone to prom?