Freddie James, 79-Year-Old Accused Of Having Sex With A Puppy, Makes A Chilling Confession

Freddie James, a 79-year-old South Carolina man, has been arrested and charged with the crime of “buggery,” which is a nice way of saying “having sex with a dog.” A puppy, to be more precise. Unfortunately, while in police custody, he confessed to something even worse.

The alleged crime occurred last Friday in Orangeburg, South Carolina, reports WYFF-4.

The incident report notes that a neighbor had notified the dog owner that they had witnessed James hitting the dog on the head and then proceeding to have sex with it.

“Authorities say both knees on James’ pants were dirty while the rest of his pants were clean,” the report stated.

The dog was found alive, scared, and “shaking,” authorities said, as it hid under a car. The owner said Tuesday that she planned to take the dog to the vet for a checkup after the traumatic experience.

In a separate report on the same crime from WACH, Freddie James allegedly made a chilling confession — that he’d done “the same thing to a little girl years ago and nobody did anything to him.”

The news station said that it “reached out” to Orangeburg Police for follow-up on the claim about the girl, but at this time, no further statement has been issued by authorities.

If James’ confession about the little girl does pan out, it’s unlikely he’ll be punished for it on account of there being no victim coming forward and so much time having presumably passed since the alleged crime was committed.

Another such case that the Inquisitr reported on recently involved a New Orleans woman named Angeline Lodice, 26, who, on Oct. 27, was arrested for abusing a three-year-old boy and having sex with a dog.

Lodice faces charges of aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, pornography involving juveniles, crimes against nature and sexual battery. If convicted of aggravated rape, she faces a mandatory life sentence.

No further details have been released about the case as of yet. More updates to come as the story develops.

Do you think crimes like those of Lodice and Freddie James are better served by mental health facilities, or do these types of alleged perpetrators belong in jail? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Orangeburg Police]