Elderly Truck Driver Attacked In Maryland Road Rage Incident: Man Steps In To Defend Trucker Against Bully [Video]

An elderly truck driver attacked in a Maryland road rage incident was lucky when a Good Samaritan stepped in before the situation got any worse. Tommy Solis, a tattoo artist, saw a helpless 65-year-old man being beaten by a furious man on a Maryland highway when he knew he had to do something. At first he was recording a video of the incident until he realized the victim was an older man, New York Daily News reports.

Prior to the encounter, Solis and a friend were stopped in traffic on I-95. When they heard an angry driver going on about being cut off in traffic, they began taping the scene. The mad driver was upset about what had been done to his car and he began attacking the elderly truck driver by shoving him to the ground. The trucker — Gary Adair — was holding a tire iron as his protection.

“You could see the look in the guy’s eyes. He wasn’t really able to defend himself,” Solis said.

Solis was able to stop the altercation by striking the bully on his head. He was on the ground with a bloody wound on his forehead. Solis said he “just socked him” and he fell down.

The elderly trucker who was attacked has opted not to press charges against the unidentified man in the Maryland road rage incident. Now that everything is over, he just wants to “let it go.”