UFC News: Jon Jones No Longer Interested In Moving To Heavyweight

It's been expected for quite some time that the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, would eventually make the move up to heavyweight, and, in the past, Jones has even said that he expects that he'll make that move at some point in the future. However, Jones has now flip-flopped, and says that he's not really interested in going up to the UFC's heavyweight division.

Jones was asked if he was still interested in making the move to heavyweight on fellow UFC fighter Andre Arlovski's Google Hangout Thursday night, and he said that he wasn't. Jones explained that his weight cuts were becoming easier, and that he doesn't have any issues making it down to 205 pounds.

"Honestly, probably not. As I get older I'm maturing a lot more. My weight cuts are becoming a lot more easy. I'm learning how to eat better. I'll probably be at light heavyweight for a long time."
The one remaining potential dream fight that UFC fans are dying to see is Jon Jones taking on the UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez, and Jones -- who in the past has said he would be interested in fighting Velasquez -- said that he would be interested in going up to heavyweight for a super fight, but, he has no interest in making it his permanent weight class.
"I'll probably go to heavyweight for one or two super fights at some point and then get back down to light heavyweight"
Jones is quickly running out of opponents in the UFC's light heavyweight division, as he's completely decimated almost every contender at 205 pounds. Next month, Jones may be facing his toughest challenge, as he's set to take on knockout artist Anthony "Rumble" Johnson at UFC 187.

The permanent move to heavyweight doesn't interest Jones because he's looking to break the records held by UFC legends Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. As of right now, Jones has nine wins in UFC title bouts, and he needs two more to tie Silva's record, and three more to tie St. Pierre's record. If Jones defeats Anthony Johnson, he'll tie Georges St. Pierre's record of nine consecutive title defenses.

"I would say that Anderson Silva has been my biggest motivation and inspiration. Just because of the things he's been able to achieve, the records that he has. Sometimes I feel as if the journey's been long. When I start to think that way I remember that there have been people who have had the belt longer than I've had it. Who have defended it more than I've defended it. It makes me feel 'If they did it, there's no reason to be tired.'

"You've got to freaking muster it up and give it your all every time. Until I beat one of these guys' records I'm going to keep on pushing and give it all I've got."

As of right now, Jon Jones is a pretty substantial favorite over Anthony Johnson, and if Jones does defeat Johnson, nobody knows who will be next in line for him, as he's pretty much cleaned out the entire UFC light heavyweight division.

[Image via Brandon Magnus / Getty Images]