Michael Jackson 2015 Events Announced For Birthday, Death Day — Circus And Roses

Michael Jackson has been recognized throughout his life for his accomplishments, and six years after his death, the honorarium fires are still burning. Over the month of April, headlines related to Michael Jackson have been particularly popular due to an archive of unpublished interviews that included the King of Pop.

However, the celebration of Michael Jackson’s life, death, and achievements may not take the forms fans would first expect. The good news — everyone is invited to these Michael Jackson parties! On top of that, there is a circus involved!

Announced in March, the invitation is still open for the One Rose for Michael Jackson event. Promoted by the large fan group called the Michael Jackson Network, you can purchase one of the roses from a separate website via Paypal for $3 per rose. The roses are placed on Michael Jackson’s grave each year on June 25 and the last day to buy roses is June 18.

The MJ Network states that in 2013, 13,447 red roses were placed on his grave by the One Rose for Michael Jackson organization. However, the roses do not stay on Michael Jackson’s grave for very long.

Fan Betty Byrne states about the project on her website, “On June 26 in keeping with Michaels message we pay it forward, a large [percentage] of the roses are donated to various charities as well as being placed for the children at Babyland and Lulabyeland in Forest Lawn.”

Are you curious about what the bed of roses will look like at Michael Jackson’s grave? Each year, the organizers of the One Rose for Michael Jackson event gather in Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills, California, to decorate the grave — and they record the day on video.

The roses, arranged in vases as far as the eye can see, are interspersed among other private shrines and tributes that fans leave behind. The One Rose for Michael Jackson group also shows how the roses are placed on the graves of babies on June 26.