Samsung Files Yet Another Lawsuit Against Apple in South Korea

The global patent war between Samsung and Apple has been going on for what feels like forever now, and it doesn’t look like that’s set to change anytime soon–especially considering that Samsung filed a patent lawsuit against Apple in South Korea. Again.

Samsung and Apple have made South Korea their patent battleground before, but the latest lawsuit from Samsung’s end brings a few new allegations to the table. In its lawsuit, Samsung alleges that Apple infringed on three of its patents with the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

Specifically, Samsung is claiming that Apple infringed on three of its utility patents, which involves methods of displaying data, the user interface, and short text messages, Reuters reports. The patent was filed in Seoul on Tuesday.

The Korea Times quoted the head of Samsung’s telecoms division, Shin Jong-kyun, as saying that there will be “no compromise” with Apple. Shin’s comment follows reports that Apple offered a licensing deal with Samsung to put an end to the global patent war.

After Apple fired the first shot in April of last year, claiming that Samsung “slavishly” copied the iPad and iPhone, Samsung and Apple have engaged in over 30 patent lawsuits across 10 countries.

Source: Reuters