‘Minecraft’ Security Update Released To Prevent Remote Server Attacks

Fans of the original PC version of Minecraft can now download a new patch today. While the update doesn’t add any new content, it does fix several bugs which players may have encountered within the voxel-based title. Discussing exactly what issues the patch resolves on their official website, Mojang revealed that the biggest reason for pushing out today’s new Minecraft update was to address a reproducible security threat that had been made public.

The issue in question is one that allows users to remotely control Minecraft servers. Those who took advantage of the exploit were able to manipulate the online servers belonging to other Minecraft players. By using the trick, people could remotely force Minecraft servers to freeze and eventually crash.

Mojang, thankfully, claims to have fully patched the Minecraft security weakness with Friday’s release of update 1.8.4. After applying the new patch, Minecraft servers should once again be safe from such attacks.

Unfortunately, it might have taken the developer longer to fix the issue than some might have liked. According to Eurogamer, one Minecraft user first brought the vulnerability to Mojang’s attention two years ago. The report explains that he decided to finally release how to duplicate the exploit to the public earlier this after feeling ignored by the Minecraft developers which apparently led to the issue being rectified in this week’s update.

Minecraft screenshot

Minecraft patch 1.8.4 also addressed many other known bugs within the blocky game. While none of the other issues were as important as the fix made to server security, Minecraft fans can still expect to see a smoother experience anytime that bugs are removed from the game. Mojang released a full list of what was changed in the title update. These problems should no longer be encounter within Minecraft.

  • Pets follow spectator
  • Vines no longer spread correctly in corners
  • Certain characters cannot be typed on certain keyboard layouts (“AltGr” behaving like “Cltrl”)
  • Nether portals place players in front of the portal
  • Duplicating Items
  • Malicious clients can force a server to freeze
  • Malicious clients can force a server to go out of memory
  • User (formerly known as olduser) has joined shows multiple times

These new hotfixes are now available as part of parent update 1.8. Mojang is currently working on a complete overhaul to large portions of the game with the next large update. As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Title Update 1.9 will feature sweeping changes to the in-game combat systems of Minecraft.

Have you ever run into security issues while running your own Minecraft server?

[Images via Mojang]