Walmart Employee: $240K Stolen From Texas Walmart By 'Helpful' Employee

A Walmart employee has been accused of stealing $240K. According to WFAA, Nacina Walker was known as a "helpful employee" for many years. She worked in the cash department, and she would actually help Decatur police investigate thefts from time to time. As you can imagine, news that she was actually stealing from the store came as a shock for this very reason.

"She would be the one that would come in and help us and go, 'Oh, you need to punch in this number, do this,' or 'Let me find it for you,'" said Detective Gerald Wright.

The Walmart employee allegedly stole $240K by creating "fake returns." Authorities believe that the 50-year-old did this for well over a year, from January 2013 and October 2014. She would write up the returns, and just take the refund money. According to Fox 21 News, Walker was arrested on Tuesday. She reportedly admitted to stealing the money, and said that while she started off taking small amounts of money, she eventually realized that no one noticed the $50 here and there and started stealing about $8,000 a day.

She told detectives that she needed money to pay her bills.

Walker faces jail time for her actions. She could be sentenced to anywhere from five to 99 years behind bars if she's convicted.

In other Walmart news, the company was forced to close five stores due to plumbing problems this week, and 2,200 people were left without jobs. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the stores are located in California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas, and will be closed for the next six months. The employees who are now out of jobs may or may not get their positions back when the stores reopen in the fall.

"We understand this decision has been difficult on our associates and our customers and we aim to reopen these stores as soon as these issues are resolved," said a spokesperson after the stores had closed.

Evidently there are a few conspiracy theories surrounding why these stores actually closed. Some people seem to think that Walmart chose to close the stores as a way to stop employees who were demanding for higher pay. Others believe that the stores are going to be used for planned military training this summer.

Walmart has not commented on any of the theories out there, and likely won't.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]