WWE News: Daniel Bryan Suffering From A Concussion

News broke this week that WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan was being sent home from the current European tour as a precautionary measure due to injury, which immediately had people thinking that he was once again having issues with his neck. However, it’s been reported that Bryan’s neck isn’t the issue.

Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline reported on Wrestling Observer Live that Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion in a match with Sheamus during the March 31 SmackDown taping. In the match, Bryan was busted open, and Sheamus was subsequently criticized for being careless in the ring, which Sheamus laughed about later on Twitter.

The concussion that Bryan suffered on March 31 ultimately led to WWE taking him off of this week’s European tour, and his status for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view on April 26 is unknown.

“Daniel Bryan has been removed from the WWE European tour, which, of course, has a lot of people concerned [about] what’s going on with him, is it his neck, is it his elbow. I’ve been told that the situation with Daniel Bryan is that he suffered a concussion. I don’t know what the status of his neck is or his elbow, that may still be a problem, but the big issue on the tour was a concussion that he suffered and it was in fact, for those of you who saw the SmackDown show where Sheamus came out and gave him a beating, we actually talked about this on the program, there had been some heat on Sheamus for, I don’t know if being careless is the best word, but he did give Daniel Bryan a beating and apparently Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion in that beating, so I guess that’s the situation.

“I presume there has to be a little more to the story because if Daniel Bryan got a concussion he shouldn’t have being doing anything on the shows and they did put him in some tag team matches, some six-man matches, he was in the ring, so I don’t know if he maybe got cleared, maybe after suffering the concussion they cleared him, but he was still suffering symptoms. I don’t know exactly what the story was, but all of the issues did stem from that situation there with Sheamus and Sheamus’ return so far [has been] one problem after another.”

As of right now, Daniel Bryan is set to defend his newly won Intercontinental Championship against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules. But that could change if Bryan isn’t feeling better by show time. Bryan’s injury could put an early end to his title reign, which would disappoint a lot of WWE fans. Furthermore, due to Bryan’s ongoing injury issues, there is some question as to whether or not WWE will have the confidence to once again put him in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture.

WWE is now trying to restore prestige to their secondary championships, which is why John Cena is holding the U.S. Title, and Daniel Bryan is holding the IC Title. But WWE could lose interest in the IC Title if Bryan is unable to defend it, and it could go back to being irrelevant in the very near future.

[Image via WWE]