Washington Road Rage: Baby Shot In Head During Horrific, Alleged Road Rage Incident

A recent road rage incident has claimed the life of a one-year-old girl in Seattle, WA. According to KIRO-TV, the infant was riding in the backseat of the car when an argument reportedly ensued between her father and another driver and passenger on Thursday, Apr. 16. It has been reported that both vehicles were allegedly attempting to turn at the same time, and that is what led to the argument. When the father stopped the vehicle at an intersection, the black sedan pulled up beside him and began firing into their silver sedan.

“There was some sort of exchange, and the next thing we know is the individuals in the black vehicle exchanged gunfire (at the) silver vehicle,” police spokeswoman for Seattle Police Department said at the scene.” The little girl, identified only as “Malaja,” was shot in the head. A nearby resident named Linda Johnston told authorities that she heard approximately eight shots.

“I was sitting in my bedroom here and heard the shots. ‘Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam,’” she told Seattle television station KOMO. “The baby was on the ground, and other people were doing CPR on the baby, and the mother was in hysterics and the dad was in hysterics, too.” Little Malaja was immediately rushed to the Harborview Medical Center where she was later declared brain dead, reports New York Daily News.

The Seattle Police Department has yet to release further specific details about the horrific incident. But, according to ABC News, there are a number of speculative details about the incident that detectives are looking to investigate. Although the situation has been classified as “road rage” by reporting news outlets, there’s reportedly reason to believe that there may be more to the story. On Friday, Apr. 17, Police spokesman Sgt. Jarod Kasner released a statement about the latest developments. “Although preliminary information indicated road rage, new information gathered doesn’t show that as the true cause,” Kasner said.

The investigation will be ongoing.

[Image via KIRO-TV Screen Capture]