Kim Richards' Arrest Leads To 'RHOBH' Sobriety Clause? [Report]

Kim Richards' arrest may have led to a change in her contract with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to a new report, Bravo executives held an emergency meeting on Thursday to address the reality star's recent arrest, during which a sobriety clause was discussed.

"During the meeting with the producers of the show yesterday they decided that they would possibly like to implement a sobriety clause into Kim Richard's contract," an insider revealed to Radar Online on April 17.

Kim Richards' arrest on Thursday morning came as a shock to many, despite the reality star's previous struggles with alcohol abuse. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim Richards' arrest took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge, where she had reportedly been drinking vodka tonics.

A separate Radar Online source chronicled the hours leading up to Kim Richards' arrest, claiming her night took a turn for the worse when the Polo Lounge bartender refused to serve her any more drinks. At that point, claimed the source, Richards entered a bathroom, and when asked to leave, she would not. Eventually, police were called, and after being dragged out of the restroom, Richards was taken into custody. Following Kim Richards' arrest, the reality star reportedly kicked a police officer, leading to a battery charge, in addition to her public intoxication and trespassing charges.

Regarding the possible clause, Radar Online's source claimed "details are still being worked out." However, at this point it seems clear that despite Kim Richards' arrest, Bravo has no intentions of firing her from the show.

"They do not want to get rid of Kim on the show because she does so amazing for ratings, but they also think that keeping her on the air is not conducive to her well-being. The fame that this show has brought her has seemed to actually make her alcoholism worse instead of better because whenever you throw a lot of money and fame at someone who is already struggling with addiction issues, the situation can become incredibly volatile, as it has in her case."
Kim Richards' arrest was not documented for the show, as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is not currently in production. However, when the show does return, it is likely the arrest will be discussed -- especially considering the documentation of Richards' past struggles with addiction.

After Kim Richards' arrest on Thursday, she was given a June 11 court date.

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