Rumer Willis Bullied: ‘DWTS’ Frontrunner Says She’s Not Interested In Hearing Opinions Of Others

Rumer Willis says that she has been bullied, but that she is now in a place in her life where she really doesn’t want to hear anyone’s opinions anymore. According to InTouch Weekly, the Dancing With The Stars contestant opened up about her past experiences with bullying, and said that the mean comments haven’t really stopped; she has just learned to deal with them better.

“My mom is a stunning woman, and everyone compared me to her. They said I looked like a man and called me ‘potato head.’ People were nasty. I was awkward. I didn’t feel comfortable with how I looked,” Rumer said of her time growing up in the spotlight (with two super-famous parents, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis).

Rumer Willis is still bullied by people who don’t think she’s good enough or pretty enough, but she is far better at coping with the negativity at this point in her life. She says that she feels confident about herself, and that self-acceptance really holds a greater meaning than the words people throw at her.

“People still say mean things about how I look, how I dress. Those are their opinions and that’s great. I just don’t want to hear them. I’ve never felt more beautiful. Not everyone is going to like you, but you can’t let that change how you feel about yourself.”

According to People Magazine, Rumer says that she has leaned on her family for support during the really hard times, and that their love helped get her through. Of course her mom and dad have managed to put their differences aside, and attend almost every DWTS live show this season, and that says a lot. Rumer has been a delight to watch on the show, and she definitely has a confidence that is refreshing, and not at all cocky or conceited.

Many fans didn’t know how they’d like Rumer, but after watching her over the past few weeks, she has easily become a fan-favorite. Her dancing has been fantastic, making her a frontrunner on the show.

Rumer Willis has definitely used Dancing With The Stars as a platform to talk about the tough time that she has had. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, she talked about being made fun of and ridiculed before dancing a waltz with Val Chmerkovskiy a couple of weeks ago. Fans could tell just how passionate she was, and her strength came through in a beautiful way. At one point, the camera panned to Demi Moore who was sitting in the audience with tears running down her cheek.

[Photo by ABC/Adam Taylor]