Pat Robertson Tells Mom To Beat iPod-Listening 11-Year-Old ‘Twerp’ Son — ‘Big Daddy’s Home! Wham!’

Pat Robertson dispensed some advice for a viewer who emailed in to his 700 Club broadcast Thursday asking the 84-year-old televangelist what to do about her 11-year-old son who had taken to listening to music on his iPod that didn’t meet his parents approval.

And Robertson, as he always does, had an answer. That answer was, “smack” the “little twerp.”

In fact, Robertson said, he would not tolerate such iPod-listening behavior if he were the boy’s father.

“The little kid wouldn’t do that with me in the house, I promise you,” Robertson said. “Big Daddy’s home! Wham!”

That remark prompted Robertson’s longtime 700 Club co-host, Terry Meeuwsen, to comment, “That explains a lot.”

As seen in the video excerpt above, the exchange was prompted by a correspondence from a viewer named Marie, who wrote the following.

“My son is 11, and he has recently started listening to music that speaks of ‘the beat within’ and the ‘infection in people,’ and it has almost come to the point of me giving up trying to parent him. He is constantly mean and nasty to us, and I worry for his soul.

“I am not going to give up on him, and I know the Lord is going to save him. But what can I do to to help him become a nicer person and the sweet little boy I miss so much?”

Robertson’s response began reasonably enough, telling “Marie” to recognize that her son was “going into puberty”and that “he’s going to have puberty issues.”

But for some reason, Robertson’s answer quickly degenerated into one of his trademark rants.

“But it doesn’t hurt to smack an 11-year-old around a little bit.” he continued. “Say, ‘Look, Kid, I’m your parent. You behave. You’re not going to listen to that garbage in my house. If you do I’m going to tear it up and break those records or CD or whatever, iPods, however you get that mess.’”

And Robertson still wasn’t finished, directing his anger at the unnamed little boy.

“I know he’s only 11, but he’s just a little twerp — and you make that little twerp behave!”

Of course, the bizarre response — in which Robertson appeared to assume that “Marie” was a single mother, until Meeuwsen pointed out that the correspondent’s question was written in the first-person plural — was far from Robertson’s first strange on-air outburst.

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[Image: YouTube Screen Grab]