Surreal Video Of Paris Metro Traveling At Speed With Doors Wide Open

An investigation has been launched by transport authorities into an incident where a Paris Metro train apparently went zooming through a tunnel with the passenger doors wide open.

Some are asking if this is real, but the YouTube video certainly looks authentic. Uploaded to YouTube by user le Traineau a couple of weeks ago, the video clearly shows the Paris Metro train hurtling along, passing graffiti-covered tunnel walls, seen through several open doors.

One would think that the passengers might be a little nervous of this turn of events, but everyone looks completely calm, as if everything is proceeding as normal. Some are busy texting, others just gaze back at the camera.

The video of the Paris Metro was apparently filmed between the Ségur and La Motte-Piquet stations on Line 10. The French language Le Parisien newspaper says that the trains on Line 10 were launched back in 1967 and apparently these trains do not have the more modern alarm systems fitted, which would prevent a train from departing with doors not fully closed.

This may be why the train is hurtling along at such a speed with the doors wide open, certainly a risk to any passenger who should stand or move around the train carriage.

Reportedly Paris transport authorities, RATP, have not received any reports of the incident, but on being advised of the existence of the incredible video footage of the Paris Metro traveling with open doors have launched an investigation into the situation.

According to the Local, some commenters on the YouTube video have raised questions as to whether the video is authentic, saying it must be a fake, particularly as the passengers look so relaxed and unworried. There is only one woman who appears to be a little nervous and moves away from the doors right at the start of the footage.

Despite the apparent lack of alarms, all Paris Metro trains are equipped with black boxes which record speed, adherence to signage, door behavior, etc. This particular train is apparently no exception and the driver would be informed of the proper closure of the doors by a double alarm (sound and light) on his dashboard.

However, apparently if the alarm does not sound, there is nothing to prevent the train from starting and investigations will show whether this was a signaling failure or an oversight on the part of the driver.

In the meantime, the surreal video footage is gathering views and has been seen almost 150,000 times at the time of writing. The description on the video reads simply, “No accident but pretty impressive. (line 10)”

What do you think of the calm reaction of the passengers. Would you feel comfortable traveling on the Paris Metro, or any other train for that matter, with the doors wide open? Or do you think this is a very cleverly faked video?

Watch the video footage below and leave a comment.

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[Images: Screengrabs from YouTube video]