‘Slender Man’ Stabbing Suspect Morgan Geyser Wants Out Of Jail

One of the 13-year-old girls charged in the “Slender Man” stabbing case wants out of jail, and her attorney is pushing to have her bail reduced in court so that she can get what she wants — or rather, so she can presumably get the help she needs. CBS News 7 isn’t identifying which of the two suspects is seeking transfer, but other news reports identify the suspect as Morgan Geyser — the presumed ringleader in the horrific attack that left a 12-year-old girl extremely lucky to be alive.

Attorney Anthony Cotton wants Geyser’s $500,000 bail to be reduced to an amount that is more reasonable to pay. In particular, he wants the judge to grant his client what is known as a “signature bond,” which would allow her to sign out without having to pay any monetary amount. The catch to this, of course, wouldn’t be total freedom. Geyser would have to move to a residential mental health treatment center. Her attorney says that she “desperately needs treatment for her mental illness.” Previously, Geyser had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and a list of other mental and behavioral disorders. The preteen has stayed in both a juvenile detention center and a state mental hospital over the course of this tragic case.

The Journal Sentinel reports that the teenage girl, who has been fully pictured numerous times in the media, can no longer be photographed from the neck-up. A judge has ordered that any further photos taken of Morgan Geyser (who is still only 12-years-old, evidently) must be taken from the neck-down.

This case became an instant media sensation not only because of the girls’ obsession with Slender Man, but because of their young ages. All three people involved in this crime — the two suspects and the victim — weren’t even teenagers. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier allegedly plotted for months before luring their 12-year-old classmate to a wooded area before stabbing her at least 19 times. Their 12-year-old victim was left for dead, but she survived because she was able to drag herself to alert for help. The two would-be killers didn’t get away with their crime, and instead of getting to frolic away to a mansion in the woods to live with Slender Man, they are faced with the possibility of living among real life monsters in the penitentiary system.

Should Morgan Geyser be granted a signature bond so that she can seek mental help? Should she be ordered to stay right where she is until she is brought to justice for allegedly attempting to murder her 12-year-old classmate for Slender Man?

[Photo: Waukesha County Sheriff Mugshot/Morgan E. Geyser via Fox News]