Sarah Jessica Parker Returns To HBO To Fill Out Growing Lineup Of Funny Leading Ladies

HBO seems to have a thing for funny ladies. A decade after the era of Sex and the City ended, Sarah Jessica Parker is back with a new comedy – Divorce, Vanity Fair reported.

Like the title suggests, Parker’s HBO show will follow women not necessarily as they pursue love and one-night stands, but as they pick up the pieces when those relationships fall apart.

“I think we’re at an age where a lot of people have experienced it. Or are about to, or want to, or secretly wish they could. I love the idea of telling that story,” Sarah Jessica said in an interview with ET.

The synopsis of the new HBO series is simple: Parker plays a woman named Frances who is in the midst of a sudden divorce and now must restart her life. Evidently, this proves far more difficult than her character intended and hilarity, no doubt, will ensue.

Alongside Sarah Jessica, Molly Shannon was co-star as a probably uncomfortably funny neurotic friend; Talia Balsam will be the more easy-going pal in the group. Since divorce is such a universal theme, the actress expects her new show will cover a lot of interesting ground that people will relate to; however she doesn’t have any real-life experience to draw on – she’s been married to Matthew Broderick (happily) since 1997.

“I think marriage is wonderfully complicated and wonderfully interesting, and everybody conducts their marriage differently. We know almost nothing about people’s marriage, because even those who we’re most intimate with in friendships, we don’t always share the good or the bad. And I just think that at a certain point, some people feel alone and lost.”

Vanity Fair warns Sex fans not to expect a sequel of that legendary series; HBO has moved on from the “effervescent brand of comedy” it was famous for to understated shows like Togetherness and Girls. Along with Veep, the network has started to round up a cast of funny ladies with Sarah Jessica’s addition.

And this follows yet more news that Sarah Silverman is getting her own show on the network as well, Deadline added. It’ll follow fairly similar themes: it follows a woman described as an “abrasively honest tomboy” having a mid-life crisis, The Hollywood Reporter.

Whatever kind of show Divorce ends up being, Sarah Jessica Parker’s fans are likely rejoicing that the actress will find another home on HBO after 10 years away.

[Photo Courtesy Mike Coppola/Getty Images]