iPhone vs Android Debate Turns Bloody, Drunk Roommates Stab Each Other Following Heated Exchange

Android and iOS, two of the most widely used smartphone operating system on the planet today, have dedicated sets of fanboys who will defend their OS of choice at any cost in any iPhone vs Android debate. However, a recent debate between two roommates surrounding Android-based phones and Apple’s iPhone turned ugly when the duo decided to fight it out themselves to decide who was the winner. In the heat of the argument and the physical battle that followed, the two roommates ended up stabbing each other, injuring themselves in the process.

According to KTUL, the incident happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma where the two roommates — both of whom haven’t been identified — were having a drink together. The conversation between the two veered on to smartphones and smartphone operating systems and eventually to the good old iPhone vs Android topic. Soon, they realized that both of them had affinity to rival smartphone OS platforms and the casual banter turned into a serious argument. While one claimed that the latest series of iPhones trump any new Android devices out there, the Android fanboy would have none of it. According to him, the newest high-end release by Samsung — the new Galaxy S6 series of smartphones — is way better than any iPhone out there, right now.

Eventually, the argument got to a point where the angry duo, who were also drunk at the time, started a physical fight over the topic. According to iClarified, both of them smashed their beer bottles and stabbed each other, injuring themselves in the process. The antics of the duo was reported to cops from the region who arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

According to police officials, iPhone vs Android fight between the two was first reported by a woman who saw one of the men covered in blood, stumbling out of the parking lot of the apartment where they lived. It was around 1 a.m., local time when this happened. She alerted the police, who arrived there after a few minutes to take stock of the situation. Upon questioning, the duo officials found that they had been drinking and arguing over their mobile phone models. They both managed to break beer bottles and stab each other. One of the men was also able to smash a beer bottle over the back of his roommates head.

Both of the men were taken into custody and were subsequently taken to a hospital to check for injuries they had sustained. The duo reportedly had cuts all over their bodies. The injuries however were not of serious nature and both of them are expected to make a full recovery.

While we have seen many iPhone vs Android battles being fought online and in debates, this is perhaps the first time that two people went to the extent of nearly killing each other while vociferously defending their platform of choice.

[Image Via iClarified]