Nikko Jenkins: Prisoner’s Attempt To Carve ‘666’ Into Forehead Fails Spectacularly Due To Dastardly Mirror

Convicted murderer Nikko Jenkins’ attempt to carve the numbers 666 into his head failed spectacularly after he forgot that he was looking in a mirror when he was carving into his forehead.

Jenkins told a Douglas County judge about his “self-mutilated” mishap, where he admitted that his attempt to showcase his adulation for Satan ended up looking like upside-down 9s rather than the 6s he pined.

The reason for his failure was all down to the mirror that he was looking in as he attempted to carve the numbers into his head. Jenkins wanted to etch 666 onto his head because in the biblical book of Revelations, this is the number that is associated with the Beast, while it was also made famous by The Omen.

Jenkins explained to Judge Peter Bataillon that he resorted to carving 666 into his head because he isn’t receiving the treatment for mental illness that he believes is necessary. After exposing his failed mutilation to Judge Peter Bataillon, Jenkins asked him to order the Nebraska State Patrol to conduct an investigation. However, Bataillon has since dismissed this request.

It’s thought that Jenkins might try and use this as evidence that could lead to him being declared incompetent. This would then sabotage any hope that he would face the death penalty.

Jenkins insists that he is commanded by a serpent god that he can hear the voice of in his head. These claims have previously been denied by prosecutors, and they believe that Jenkins has invented this premise in an attempt to explain his antics. Psychiatrists are split in their verdicts over whether he’s actually schizophrenic.

Jenkins’ antics are eerily similar to that of infamous murderer Charles Manson, who has a swastika between his eyes.

The 28-year-old’s face is covered in tattoos, and he claims that each of them are in Apophis, an ancient language that was spoken by the aforementioned serpent god.

Jenkins murdered four individuals with a 12-gauge shotgun in August of 2013. These incidents occurred just a month after he had been paroled from a 10-year prison sentence.

[Image via the Mirror]