Xperia Z3 Dual Owners Finally Getting Their Lollipop

Xperia Z3 users had to wait till the end of March to get their 5.0 Andoid Lollipop update, because the developers had hard time dealing with the bugs in the source code of the updated OS. As for Xperia Z3 Dual owners, they only got the possibility to update their devices a couple of days ago.

Yet in the middle of February the The Inquisitr reported that though Xperia Z3 users do not really appreciate the delay of the 5.0 Andoid Lollipop update, the update itself was to crucial to be taken carelessly.

“Most users seem to be more concerned with a long delay of Lollipop than with safety issues – after all, the software was released three months ago and is yet to land on any Sony smartphones. The company, nevertheless, is adamant in their decision to deliver the update bug-free. It being one of the most significant Andoid updates, offering a complete overhaul of user interface called Material Design, this decision is more than understandable.”

The great effort allows getting best results. The Lollipop update actually did improve the lives of Xperia users. First, it allowed them to use Android for Work application, which is extremely important for everyone, who has to be able to manage business data at any moment and wants to keep it secure. Second, Lollipop update made it easy to move applications from internal memory to SD card, thus allowing Xperia users to gain a better storage control. Third, there is an option of multi user profiles and a guest mode available – more than a valuable update for those, who often lend their smartphone to relatives and friends.

But fourth and most important advantage of the update is the design change. According to the Android Central, the combination of Lollipop peculiar properties and Sony software led to the most satisfying results:

“The update brings a touch of Material Design to Sony’s Xperia UI as part of a wide-ranging redesign. There’s more color to be found throughout, new graphics for Sony’s software keys — and visuals and animations draw inspiration from the look and feel of stock Android.”

All in all, Sony users are unlikely to regret the necessity of waiting for almost three months since the 5.0 Andoid Lollipop update was unveiled. And though Xperia Z3 Dual owners only got their update now, at least they can be sure that the updated OS will not crash because of errors in the code.