Shia LaBeouf Slams ‘Transformers’ At Tribeca Film Festival

Shia LaBeouf is one actor who can’t seem to stop making himself look worse every time he opens his mouth. What he had to say about Transformers (and not just the Michael Bay films) at the Tribeca Film Festival could lose him even more credibility.

The actor, who got his first breakout role in Disturbia, knows he’s done some stupid things, including his alleged drug and alcohol problems. LaBeouf relayed advice to his Sia: Elastic Heart co-star Maddie Ziegler about it, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

LaBeouf told Ziegler to never drink and never turn out like he did.

Being a former child actor himself, LaBeouf took a rather shameful group of cinematic vehicles to fame. Starting out as Indiana Jones’ son, he was part of the reason why Crystal Skull ended up the last film in the Harrison Ford franchise.

Shia LaBeouf had found his big-screen break with Michael Bay’s Transformers in 2007 as the teenager who befriended an alien robot just before realizing he was tangled up in a war between factions. Despite having been the main human focus for the first three movies, LaBeouf managed to tarnish his reputation even further with a paper bag over his head, calling it “performance art.”

Ever since, LaBeouf has been attempting to make a comeback in indie films such as Sia, Nymphomaniac, and Man Down. It was while he was promoting Love True that the actor attended the Tribeca Film Festival and further fed the tabloid machine by bashing Transformers.

“Bumblebee never sounds real. It’s just a f***ing name. When you work with certain directors who give over and do something that’s presentational and you both believe it, then there is no f***ing around, and you really are in this alternate universe.”

While Shia LaBeouf might sound like he’s attempting to be artsy with his bashings, which also included Al Pacino, he eventually described his stardom as a result of being trapped.

“The requirements to being a star/celebrity are namely, you must become an enslated body. Just flesh – a commodity, and renounce all autonomous qualities in order to identify with the general law of obedience to the course of things. The star is a byproduct of the machine age, a relic of modernist ideals.”

Cinema Blend stated that Shia LaBeouf was just complaining after having bitten the hand that fed him, that it was Transformers that got him on the map. Of course, having been in his position, anything he says could be used against him in the media.

[Image via D Dipasupil / Getty Images]