Woman Suing Disney Claims That They Implanted Her With A Chip

Many people believe that Disney has some type of hold or power over them because they keep wanting to go back again and again. They know in reality that they just enjoy the experience, but one West Virginia woman feels differently about it. She is suing Disney because she claims that the company implanted a chip in her body.

According to the New York Daily News, the woman states that Disney somehow implanted a “d-chip” into her body at some point.

The woman’s name is Julie Lynne Hooker, and she is from Chloe, West Virginia. Her lawsuit has been filed against the Walt Disney Corporation, and that is the name constantly used in her complaint.

The actual name of the corporation is “The Walt Disney Company.”

Still, Hooker states that she doesn’t know how it was done or when it was done or why it was done, but she knows it happened. She found a chip made of a rubber material implanted into her body.

As the West Virginia Record stated, Hooker states that the so-called “d-chip” was placed into her body without her knowledge or consent.

After finding the d-chip, Hooker claims she was able to find out more info about it. She states that she has gathered intelligence from those who actually operate the d-chip which was planted inside of her.

Upon getting further information, she has come to find out that the d-chip is owned and sponsored by the “Walt Disney Corporation/Enterprise,” per her pending lawsuit. This information has been enough for her to find that Disney is at fault and to blame for the chip that was implanted.

Julie Lynn Hooker is the plaintiff and will be representing herself in the case, which had the original complaint filed last month in Kanawha Circuit Court. Circuit Judge Carrie Webster had the case assigned to her.

Hooker is seeking monetary damages from Disney and has asked that the chip be removed from her body.

As of Friday afternoon, Disney had yet to comment or even acknowledge that the lawsuit had been filed against them.

Those who visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland may believe that things like the It’s a Small World attraction get into the minds of guests and makes them spend more money. That likely isn’t the case, but Julie Lynne Hooker thinks that Disney took it a step further and implanted the d-chip into her for some reason or another, and her lawsuit intends to help fix the situation.

[Image via Danny Cox]