Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Team Could Be Looking For Tony Romo’s Replacement In NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be searching for a replacement for Tony Romo. The team is reportedly planning a serious look at the talent in this year’s NFL Draft to see if there is a possible successor in the mix.

The Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones have been open about their desire to put succession plans in place for Tony Romo, who is likely in the tail end of his career. NFL insider Ian Rapoport said those plans may be falling into place this year, with the Cowboys taking a close look at the talent available in May’s NFL Draft.

The Dallas Cowboys just held a private workout with Brett Hundley, who is considered the best quarterback in the draft beyond Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, who are likely to go first and second.

Tony Romo will be turning 35 next week, and though he appears to be solid at least for another season, Jones said the process of finding the team’s next quarterback starts now.

“We do have to look to the future relative to quarterback,” Jones said. “It’s starting a timeframe where a guy could come in and be a good backup.”

With only the No. 27 pick in this year’s NFL Draft, the Cowboys are out of reach of the top talent but have been taking a close look at the second tier of quarterbacks available. Before holding the workout for Brett Hundley, the Cowboys had a workout with Georgia quarterback Hutson Mason.

As NFL.com noted, Mason is seen as a mid-round prospect and likely has some work to do before he’s an NFL starter.

“A game-managing pocket passer with arm strength that is below the desired NFL level. Must play in timing-based offense. Mason displays the football intelligence, accuracy and poise worthy of an NFL camp. Must prove his intangibles can overcome his lack of arm.”

But Jerry Jones isn’t planning to rush things. While many teams have taken to throwing rookie quarterbacks to the fire and starting them right away, Jones advocates a more old-fashioned approach of letting them sit behind a veteran to get a better feel for the NFL game.

“Look at how Romo evolved into the guy he is today,” he said. “He did a little time with the clipboard.”

While the Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be looking for another quarterback, the team could have another big move in the works. The Cowboys are reportedly still interested in acquiring Adrian Peterson, who was just reinstated by the NFL.

[Image via Getty Images/Tom Pennington]