Chelsea Handler’s Instagram Nakedness Continues: Comedian Shows Her Bare Butt Posing With Her Dog

If it’s a weekday or weekend, there must be a new NSFW Chelsea Handler photo on the comedian’s Instagram account. This time, the latest photo getting buzz shows Handler in what appears to be a ballet studio of sorts, wearing black leggings that have been pulled down to show off her butt for some inexplicable reason, as Chelsea poses working out with her dog, Chunk.

“Kicking off Chunk’s work week.”

That’s the description for the Instagram post that Chelsea took on April 13, a popular post that has garnered Handler more than 68,000 views and more than 5,000 comments in that time period. The racy Instagram photo posted to her account on Monday displayed a lot more than the “bare” workout — and once again shows Handler going to war with Instagram over their naked photo policy, as she’s done several times in the past, reports the Inquisitr.

Nevertheless, the author of humorous tomes like Uganda Be Kidding Me knows how to rile up an audience, this time stretching her leg and showing off her averagely ample bottom in what some say are cries for attention.

The last time Handler made the news in a prevalent way was no laughing matter and contained a much more serious subject matter. That’s when Chelsea said Bill Cosby tried to “Cosby” her, as reported by CBS News. The interview disclosed how Cosby allegedly invited Handler over to his hotel room during a time when both were performing at an Atlantic City hotel. Handler said she thought the invite was weird, so she brought along male friends, a move that she believed saved her from being drugged and raped because nothing happened.

Chelsea’s new bare bottom photo on Instagram, as reported by the Daily Mail, isn’t the first time 40-year-old Handler has exposed her bum. Previously, she appeared on the cover of Esquire with a naked butt when she recreated a John Lennon and Yoko Ono pose. Due to all of Chelsea’s photos of her naked breasts online, a story emerged that Handler had a breast lift and was obsessed with the results. Handler shot back on Twitter at the claims, joking that while many men have touched her breasts, none of them have been a doctor — presumably breast exams not included in that joke.

As a comeback, Chelsea posted more photos of her breasts as proof that she hasn’t had a lift, with at least one photo showing her laying on her side, and another photo proving no nipple scars from breast lift surgery exist.

[Image via Instagram]